My comments on the ZeroHedge article: Something Really Snapped At The Comex

Out of all investment options available my first choice is gold bullion.  There are very few assets that have held value for thousands of years.  I know that land and food are excellent investments as well, but from a pure practicality standpoint I think gold is the place to be.  We live in a world of extreme market manipulation.  Fiat currency is supposed to represent the cost of human labour and effort, but sadly fiat currency is being created out of thin air and has subsequently put the value of human labour at zero.   The Comex enables the manipulation of precious metals.  I have never seen such a blatant fraud as I see in the paper derivatives market.  Zero Hedge has reported that there are now 542 paper gold claims for each ounce of physical gold available through the Comex.  I believe this is criminal and heads should roll for this absurd manipulation.  I am not sure who in their right mind would buy a paper claim when physical bullion is still available.  We are going to wake up one day, in the not so distant future, and find that it is impossible to source and buy physical bullion.  Central Banks have distorted the financial markets and prolonged the inevitable economic adjustments that occur in free markets.  If you have any savings and are wondering about where to place your hard earned money I highly recommend you study the precious metals sector and get an understanding of the importance of real money (gold & silver).

"There had been an eerie silence at the Comex in recent weeks, where after registered gold tumbled to a record 120K ounces in early December nothing much had changed, an in fact the total amount of physical deliverable aka "registered" gold, had stayed practically unchanged at 275K ounces all throughout January."   Something Really Snapped At The Comex by ZeroHedge

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