Pretend to the Bitter End - James Howard Kunstler's 2016 Forecast

I've been reading Jim Kunstler's books and weekly updates for years.  He is a true wordsmith and I agree with most of what he has to say.  He has eloquently outlined where he sees things going and touches on banking & markets, oil & deflation, geopolitics, Europe, the Middle East, NATO, US, Homeland Frolics and more.  Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy his missive!

"... it says something about the kind of society we’ve become that such racketeering has become so normative and pervasive, and that evading responsibility for its consequences has been elevated to a sort of enviable skill-set. In fact, the art of evasion has taken the place of what used to be called honor. We live in a low time that honors only low men. Ironically, we affect to admire only “superheroes” because it has become impossible to imagine mere humans showing courage, fortitude, and respect for truth. All conduct is provisional and equivocal. Every law can be parsed to serve what it was created to oppose. Anything goes and nothing matters."

Here is the full article: Pretend to the Bitter End

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