War - by Jeff Fitchett

Currency wars, trade wars and war.  As economic conditions worsen war will be forced upon us.  I see the road to war being paved right now.  The world is like a chess board and strategic moves are being made that are causing significant societal strains.  As I alluded to at the beginning of this weeks TAC - Weekly Summary; migrants and refugees are flooding the streets of Europe.  Western nations are responsible for this massive influx of humans fleeing their bombed-out and destroyed countries. 

Politicians  frequently tell us that we need to act militarily so that we can liberate populations from the grip of tyranny and dictatorships.  We are told that our enemies hate us for our freedom.  

Every 80 years the world faces serious upheaval. Depressions and war occur in a cyclical manner.  Our governments never tell the truth about the real state of affairs.  War is the ultimate distraction for the masses.  Do not be fooled by what politicians say.  War does not bring peace and prosperity. Look at the pictures of the countries that the US and the ‘coalition of the willing’ have destroyed.   It is easy for us to sit back, far away from the frontline, and live our lives unaware of the true cost of war.  It takes fortitude to dig into the ways of the world.  

Listen to Howard Zinn talk about his experience in WWII. My research on geopolitics is painting a disturbing picture.  It is a picture that shows that the West is becoming isolated from most of the world’s population.  Russia, China, Africa, Asia and South America are now aligning themselves because they see the injustice and destruction that the West has wrought unto the world.  I believe the US and their vassal states such as the European Union, blinded by arrogance, will continue to try and dominate the geopolitical arena even as their failing economies fall apart.  Empires come and go.  Military dominance has brought down many empires over the centuries.  It is extremely expensive to maintain a massive military force.  From my perspective, the worst part for humanity is that nuclear powers are being pitted against one another.  Neocons within the US government and the military industrial complex believe that a nuclear war can be fought and won without a nuclear winter being the ultimate outcome.  Sadly, they are wrong!

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