Everything changes at zero - by Tim Price

Jeff Fitchett: This is a must read article.  As the title states; 'everything changes at zero'.  I couldn't agree more.  Central banks are going to make interest rates negative.  This policy stance is absolutely ludicrous.  An article about negative rates was published in the Financial Times and it garnered a lot of attention from readers via the comment section of their website.  Sovereignman.com posted this piece by Tim Price and it contains a quick overview of negative rates and quotes from the comment section from the Financial Times article.  

“There is no way on God’s earth that a free market would ever result in negative interest rates. If anyone had asked you ten years ago if you’d stand for this – you’d have said ‘no’. The fact that this seems almost normal to many people is an indication of just how insidious these moronic policies are. We are like frogs in a pot being boiled alive one degree at a time. Time to get out of the pot before we’re all too drowsy to notice”;

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