Top Russian law enforcer proposes int’l coalition to fight ‘US dictatorship’ and currency dominance - RT

Jeff Fitchett: A number of countries such as Russia are now blazing a path away from the US dominated world.  It is only a matter of time before confidence in the US deteriorates to the point where they no longer have power.  I worry that war will occur before the US loses complete control.  This is a good article that highlights the growing dissatisfaction with US world dominance.  
"The head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Aleksandr Bastrykin, has called for the creation of an international coalition of states to fight the “dictatorship” imposed by the US on the rest of the world, and to reject the use the US dollar as a reserve currency."
"Speaking at a roundtable in Moscow, Bastrykin said that the world urgently needed a new system of checks and balances that would allow equal representation of all nations on the international political arena."
"He said an alliance of countries was needed which could act in concert as “a feasible pole to counter the dictatorship imposed by the Americans together with their Western allies,” according to the minutes of the roundtable published on the Investigative Committee’s website."

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