Turkey Says "Massive Escalation" In Syria Imminent As Saudis Set To Launch Airstrikes - by Zero Hedge

Jeff Fitchett - As I discussed in my article titled: War, we are going to see a serious escalation in military conflict.  Zero Hedge just reported that both Turkey and Saudi Arabia are on the brink of entering the Syrian conflict militarily. Up to this point, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, US and European nations have all been operating behind the scenes funding ISIS directly and indirectly.  I agree with Zero Hedge's assessment that this will lead to a major conflict pitting NATO against Russia and Russia's allies.  

"Even as all sides - including the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and select rebel groups - pretend to be working towards a ceasefire and a diplomatic solution to the five year conflict in Syria, actions speak louder than words, and to put it as succinctly as possible, everyone is still fighting."
"In fact, the fighting is more intense than ever. Russia and Hezbollah are closing in on Aleppo, the country’s largest city and a key urban center where rebels are dug in for what amounts to a last stand. If the city is liberated by the government (and yes, “liberated” is more accurate than “falls” because occupied territory belongs to the Syrian government, not to Sunni extremists), Assad will have regained control of the country’s backbone in the west."
"That would effectively mean the end of the rebellion and the Gulf monarchies, not to mention Turkey, are not happy about it. “The main battle is about cutting the road between Aleppo and Turkey, for Turkey is the main conduit of supplies for the terrorists,” Assad said in an interview with AFP on Friday."

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