You Should Be Concerned About The World Around You - by Jeff Fitchett

I have been investing and monitoring the financial markets for eighteen years.  I have watched fads come and go.  I have taken many financial courses and have studied portfolio theory.  I have listened to countless monetary authorities talk about how solid the fundamentals are when in fact the opposite is true. I have witnessed politicians lie over and over again.  I have learned about many major frauds such as Bernie Madoff''s Ponzi Scheme, Long Term Capital Management, Enron, BreX, Arthur Anderson and countless others.  I study history and I dedicate time learning about past empires, major world events and our civilization throughout the ages. I have watched freedom and democracy disappear over the last 100 years as crimes against humanity go unpunished, police brutality occurring unchecked, terrorism and civil liberties stripped from us.  Over the past nine years I have dedicated a lot of my personal time and energy studying macro-economics, geopolitics and current affairs.  I undertook this massive undertaking because I lost faith in the powers that be: politicians, educators, media, corporate executives and other so-called leaders that we have been told to respect and obey.  

Faith is a funny thing.  I know for many people there is comfort in thinking and moving with the masses.  I understand why people choose to follow rather than break with tradition and blaze a new trail out on their own. Simply put, it is much easier to conform and not rock the boat.  Many people have done quite well within the current paradigm we find ourselves. It is easier to "check-out" by turning off our minds and allowing others to make our decisions for us. This allows many people to avoid personal responsibility and blame others for their personal misfortune if things go amok.  We the people continue to elect governments that push forward agendas that in reality are just making things worse.  We are living in a manner that is beyond the carrying capacity of our natural world.  

We have entered a period in history that a lot of people have been predicting and waiting patiently for. These 'truth tellers' have been ridiculed incessantly by the establishment.  Recently President Obama said that anyone who states that the USA's economy is in decline is "peddling fiction". President Obama is full of shit and the same goes for most leaders around the world today. The Former President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, stated a couple years ago that; "when it gets serious, you have to lie". One of the first things elementary school students are taught is to not tell lies. We are now being told to respect and trust liars and thieves.  The corporate media bombards us with disinformation.   The majority of the populace in the West are glued to electronic devices as the world passes them by. Nobody is perfect.  I have faults like everyone else.  There are always things that we as individuals can do to improve our lot in life.  It is absolutely imperative for more people to wake up because the foundation that our world is built upon is broken.

Everyday I sift through information that is alarming to me.  I am constantly reviewing charts that look like hockey sticks.  Things cannot go on unabated forever.  We live in a world of finite resources.  Look at the charts below.  We have witnessed a major change in our world over the past 10 years.  The solutions offered by the powers that be are equivalent to a doctor treating a patient's symptoms rather than the illness.  Pain killers may appear to give a person reprieve from their illness, but if the root illness is terminal the patient will likely die.  The same can be said for our global society.

We all need to adjust to a world that involves a simpler way of life. A world economy based on debt is not sustainable as the outcome will lead us to a future of impoverishment. Traditional savings methods have run there course.  Banks have leant out unimaginable amounts of money and will soon face the prospect of defaults on a scale that has never been seen before. Corporations are experiencing a massive decline in revenue and they have masked over the true state of their affairs with share buy-backs, mergers & acquisitions and accounting gimmicks. Interest rates are so low that investors are better off keeping money under their mattresses given that they will likely lose their money held in bank accounts.  After all, bail-in legislation has been pushed through governments throughout most of the Western world.  Hard assets are the only tangible investments that make any sense to me.  I would rather hold an item in my hand when compared to seeing a digital entry on my computer screen or on a paper statement.  I have become extremely skeptical over the last number of years because the reality I see looks awfully different than the utopia that is painted by the liars and chiefs.

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