My comments on Adam Kokesh's video "Why you're not free" - by Jeff Fitchett

In the past, I would periodically watch a video or read an article by Adam Kokesh.  I went through the process that Adam acknowledges within the video shown below.  I took part in protests, signed petitions, ran a website called activistcanada.com and spent endless hours trying to provide information to anyone who would listen.   I was infuriated by the actions of politicians, corporations and the mainstream media.  I still am, but I now use the knowledge I have in a different manner.  I live with more purpose.  I have let go of my frustrations and resentment.  Don't get me wrong; I still get angered from time to time by the actions of predators.

I learned that it was futile to fight a system while living and working within the system. It is very difficult to detach from a paradigm that we are all born into.  As Jon Rappoport highlighted in his article titled 'The Individual vs. the psyop called reality'; "Going back as far as you want to in history, every shortage and scarcity in the world that engendered a crisis was either created by some elite or maintained by them, for the purpose of eradicating dissent and fomenting a collectivist solution. Meaning a solution that came from the top. Meaning a solution that reduced individual freedom."  

We, as individuals, have the ability to create our own reality.  Jon explains, "But regardless of circumstances, the individual can author his own freedom and what it implies. He can discover, within himself, extraordinary possibilities and extraordinary consciousness. He can contemplate what it means to create reality that expresses his most profound desires."  I can attest to what Jon mentioned.  In addition, I understand where Adam is coming from and respect the decisions he is now making.

I love watching people go through the stages of awakening and then coming out on the other side as a different person.  It is an incredible feeling to unshackle the chains that have imprisoned us.  I get the fact that most people are unaware that they are even living in a controlled state of being.  Once a person comes to the conclusion that nothing is as it seems a world of opportunity presents itself.  

Letting go is paramount because it is impossible to be free if we cling to a consumer mindset and continue to feed the beast that is killing us.  Opting out and taking life into our own hands and being responsible for our own actions propels us out of the societal control structure.  Each of us have the ability to paint a unique picture that represents the life we  desire.  

Kudos to you Adam!  I wish you well!

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