Observation followed by conviction - by Jeff Fitchett

There is something terribly wrong in our world today.  It's hard to make sense of things given that we are inundated with mind numbing communiqué and graphics.  

"The way we live and our values are the expression of the society we live in. And we cling to that." - Former President of Uruguay José Mujica

My youngest daughter (11 years old) came home tonight and called Donald Trump a loser.  I asked her if Hillary Clinton was better.  She replied with a question. "Do you like Trump?" I told her that Hillary Clinton was a war criminal and that Trump is a narcissist of epic proportion.  There is a reason I'm a political atheist.  We have lost our way as a civilization. Minds are being swayed by dictate rather than reason.  My youngest was merely passing on the opinions of others.

I liken studying macro-economics and geo-politics as observing the demise of our world.  We are going for broke and from what I can see, there is little will power left in the population to right this sinking ship.  If only theory would come to fruition.  So many issues could be solved theoretically, but life has become a convoluted mess.  The much needed masses are distracted into a docile state of existence.

There are so many contradictions.  How can so few have so much while so many have so little? It's sad that so many people are destroying their support systems without even realizing it. The left right divide keeps people occupied in a war of ideology that leads to the same divisive conclusion.  We are distracted while sociopaths rob us of our future.  

For those few people who have awakened; I wish you well in your effort to spread truth and lead by example.  The next few years will be telltale as to how we progress as a global population.  

We must work towards some semblance of order.  What is the alternative to not trying?  There are many great people who have shown us that adversity can be overcome.  The problems we face are colossal.  The way I see it; we have to shut out government, media and large corporations.  There is a symbiotic relationship in that we crave what the establishment offers, yet the establishment requires us for their survival. 

The breaking point is within view.  The outcome has yet to be determined. Dystopia or regeneration.  I expect we will have the answer to our future in the coming months and years.  In the meantime, prepare because change is on the way.  

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