Reflection: Day in and day out - by Jeff Fitchett

I love helping people.  In this day and age it pains me to see so many people stuck on the treadmill of the daily grind.  I feel like society resembles cattle being funnelled off of grazing land and onto a truck heading for the slaughter house.  Everyday I can read the body language of random people I come across.  Whether it's sitting at a stop light and looking out my window at another driver or standing in line at a store waiting to pay for merchandise.  There is a familiar look on most peoples faces and it reveals an unsettled feeling of not enough time combined with a never ending world of demands.  We are pushed and pulled to no end.

I understand why people feel this way because our society has evolved or devolved, depending on the readers point of view, to a point where logical reasoning has been replaced by wants and desires that have been imposed upon us by nefarious means.  It is incredibly difficult to take a step back and make sense of our personal lives.  It often seems very futile as an alternative way of life is limited to the characters in books and in movies or the lucky few that end up being the characters embodied in stories.  

Rejecting our current way of life is frowned upon by the masses as we all have been indoctrinated starting at a young age.  Society admires people who have succeeded within the matrix paradigm.  Celebrities are idolized whereas the homeless person on the street is persecuted as lazy, uneducated and unsuccessful.  

The premise of cause and effect was never taught to me when I was a child.  I stumbled upon it when I chose to write a thesis in university on Zen Buddhism.  My dad had owned a book store at one point and he had passed on 'The Golden Age of Zen' by John C. H. Wu.  My mind was suddenly awakened to another world. A new reality if you will.  Zen philosophy is a polar extreme to what the Western world teaches.  

As we walk the path of our lives we encounter many pivotal experiences that shape us in one way or another.  We have more control than we realize, but the reinforcement by the controllers of the matrix ensure that we remain snared into submission.  Peer pressure is a major obstacle.  So to is debt. When we are able to unshackle ourselves from this debt and death paradigm a world of possibilities appear.

I really noticed this when I lived outside of Canada for 13 months back in 2000 into 2001.  All of a sudden, I had found myself amused by my views that were limited to my upbringing  until I left Canada.  After living in Japan for a year I came back to Canada and experienced the worst culture shock I could imagine.  I recall having to pick up some sundries at Shoppers Drug Mart and I was absolutely bewildered.  It was as if everyone was mechanized and following a predetermined course of action.  I'm not sure why it hit me so hard given that the task of picking up deodorant and soap is quite normal, but I think it had to do with the combination of people and marketing. I felt like a fish out of water and it took me many years to crystallize my thoughts and recognize the matrix for what it is.

I know this missive may seem curious, but rest assured I have a point.  I am trying to acknowledge how hard it is to walk away from a system that seems normal.  It is difficult to choose a path that essentially rejects everything we have been taught to believe in.  You have the ability and free will to end your imprisonment if you so choose.  It won't be easy, but you have a choice to reject many aspects of our societal structure.  You can choose not to go into debt to fund your education or an automobile purchase or a home purchase.  You can choose to live in a manner that does not require endless amounts of money that forces you to work like a slave.  Life is about being a good person, helping others, maintaining your health and happiness.  We are meant to live in balance with nature as there is more than enough resources to support us if we choose to live sustainably. 

The current paradigm we live in will not last forever.  The systems that make up this spiderweb of connections are rapidly breaking down and we will all have to adjust to a new reality.  For those who see the system for what it is life will bring about abundant joy and peace of mind.  Your mourning process will be short lived as you had already realized that the matrix is a state of mind and our way of life will cease to exist as it was unsustainable.   

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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