The Danger of Media Blackout - by Jeff Thomas

Jeff Fitchett: This is an important article because it highlights how the truth is being blocked by Western media.  Nothing is as it seems.

"Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held a press conference with about 150 journalists from around the world, including representatives of the western media."
"Mister Lavrov was brief and concise; however, the question period lasted for some two hours. A breadth of topics was discussed, including the re-convening of the Syrian peace talks in Geneva, diplomatic relations in Georgia and, tellingly, the increasingly fragile relations with the US. This has not been reported on in Western media."
"This followed close on the heels of reports (again, not to be found in Western media) that the US has quadrupled its budget for the re-armament of NATO in Europe (from $750 million to $3 billion), most of which is to be applied along the Russian border. The decision was explained as being necessary “to combat and prevent Russian aggression.”
"It should be mentioned that this decision, no matter how rash it may be, is not a random incident. It’s a component of the US’ decidedly imperialist Wolfowitz Doctrine of 1992. This doctrine, never intended for public release, outlined a policy of military aggression to assure that the US would reign as the world’s sole superpower and, in so-doing, establish the US as the leader within a new world order. In part, its stated goal is,"
“[That] the U.S. must show the leadership necessary to establish and protect a new order that holds the promise of convincing potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests.”

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