The power of imagination - by Jon Rappoport

Jeff Fitchett: I feel like Jon is talking to me when I read his work.  I identify with him immensely and I agree with his thoughts.  It is a life changing experience to see the world for what it is and realize that your life is not predetermined.  We all have the ability to break free and live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. 

The easiest way to illustrate the power of imagination is to ask, how else can a person see possibilities that don't already exist in his life or in larger society?

And unfortunately, most people try to find those possibilities by consulting what others have suggested---never thinking that they themselves could imagine them on their own.

There is a threshold beyond which the attachment to others' suggestions turns into membership in a desolate second-hand club.  A person joins his future to slogans, vague juvenile sentiments, rebellion devoid of substance, and conformity to some addled cause.  After that, he takes his only sustenance from being part of a group.

Imagination, on the other hand, never asks for consent.  It doesn't feel a need to belong.  It doesn't try to mimic what is popular in order to gain appreciation or acceptance.

Having tasted a bit of this independence, a person is likely to wonder when the rewards will start piling up.  But imagination doesn't operate on the basis of instant gratification.  

Society may go around and around in order to emphasize the ways in which we are all similar, but imagination points up the ways in which we are all different. 

That is its strength.

It keeps referring back to its source: the individual.

Underneath all the other revolutions, there is the revolution of the individual imagining vast possibilities---and deciding which to pursue.

If that is eliminated from the equation, all boats eventually sink.  There is nothing to support them and make them move, except reflex actions, which over time lose strength, because they are for The Machine and against life.

Many, many people seek to find a way around this dilemma.  They opt for a little bit of imagination, and an overwhelming amount of repetitive action---as if they might gain a gold star on the blackboard for their ingenuity.  But the gold star never comes.  Instead, such people wear out.  They become bored.  They feel despondent.

When you back up and look at this---what a strange situation.  An individual, inherently endowed with unlimited imagination which inspires and elevates; and yet he is mired in a sea of fatigue.

And this is considered "normal."

"Norma," Latin, meaning "carpenter's square."  Right angles.  The usual kind of measurement.  

Imagination moves into any kind of angle, or no angle at all.  

Imagination isn't waiting for "usual" confirmation.

It's hard to realize the degree of conformity societies impose.  Everywhere you look it seems that standards are firmly in place.  Many of these standards have been in place for centuries.  They are now considered Reality, as if no alternatives exist or have ever existed.  

And these days, we are told that a widespread awakening is taking place---mainly because of the Internet.  Yes, I believe that's true.  At the same time, though, many people, able for the first time to see through the lies and corruptions of various elites, including the media, are digging themselves into a deeper hole, because they are incapable of seeing beyond "the rigged game."  They think everything is rigged, which amounts to saying freedom doesn't exist.  They find nothing within themselves that reflects back a sense of power.  They find only futility and cynicism.  They try to feast on this bitter meal, and of course they gain no sustenance.

This is an example of prior conditioning, a deeper conditioning---ultimately self-imposed---by which the consciousness of imagination and its power has been stripped away.

This is what needs to be reversed.  This is what needs to be rejuvenated.

This is the key.

Do you take your cues about your future from looking only at society and digesting its feedback, or do you make imagination your North Star?

In the latter case, all options are open.  Nothing is determined.  

You leave the exhausted ghosts of the past behind.

You walk on new roads.  You make those roads.

These aren't idle sentiments.  They are the foundation of a new life, lived with vivid energy.

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