The Wizard of Oz and central bankers - by Jeff Fitchett

Central bankers are a lot like the Wizard of Oz.  Unseen for most of the story; they act as rulers and are highly venerated by their subjects.  Believing they are the only ones capable of solving our problems. Once a month, the world awaits, with breath held in suspense, as these mythical economic gurus spout off magical words that are then deciphered and interpreted by armies of analysts and pundits. The financial markets explode higher or implode lower as the enigma, that is central bank coded speech, is digested by corrupt market participants.
In the story, the Wizard of Oz appears in different forms and the audience in attendance reacts accordingly. In our world, the different forms of the great Oz are Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, Haruhiko Kuroda, Mark Carney and many other individuals that are revered by the press and politicians.  We the people are left standing dazed and confused as our life savings are swiped from our hands
At some point, the common folk will realize that the illusive propagandists are conmen who have been using a lot of elaborate tricks and props to make themselves seem "great and powerful".  Central bankers are nothing more than a circus act.  Perhaps I am being too harsh.  Circus performers entertain and provide us with laughter and happiness whereas central bankers take from the poor and give to the rich. They destroy society and rape resources. Parasitic is a more accurate description of central bankers and their policies.
Oh, how nice it would be if the masses were able to see through the facade and understand these so called rulers are nothing more than criminals who prop up insolvent banks and bankrupt governments. How nice it would be to get on with life and rebuild a world free of lobbyists, psychotic multi-national corporations, pressitute media and political sellouts.  The world is a magical place. If only our future was not dictated by people void of humanity.


  1. Jeff, you need to watch 'The Big Short'. Unfortunately, it will be way too confusing for the vast majority of people. A good commentary by you would go a long way for people then to re-watch it and grasp what was happening back in the early 2000's and of course what is happening again now, Fraudulent activities by the banks and governments.

    1. Hey Karl, That's a good idea. I've heard good things about the film and I plan on watching it. I'll provide some commentary after watching. Cheers!