IMF leak about ominous ‘event’ in Greece, ultimatum to Germany triggers Athens’ backlash - RT

Jeff Fitchett:  The IMF is a tool for the US, other powerful nations and bankers to force weak countries into privatizing their public services, utilities, land, etc for the benefit of banks and multi-national corporations.  IMF loans force countries into a perpetual state of debt slavery. This article is important for people to be aware of.

Greece is demanding an explanation from the IMF, which, according to leaked internal discussions, have been mulling a crisis “event” to force Athens to obey, and threatening to leave the troika of creditors if Germany refuses to provide debt relief to the country.
“The Greek government is demanding explanations from the IMF over whether seeking to create default conditions in Greece, shortly ahead of the referendum in Britain, is the fund's official position,” Greek government spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili said in a statement cited by AFP.
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reportedly held an emergency meeting with key ministers on Saturday following the scandalous report, while his office announced that Tsipras “will immediately send an official letter to Christine Lagarde over the issue.”

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